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Welcome to the SubAqua Imaging Systems (SAIS) website.


We are a small engineering firm located in San Diego, California – one of the world’s most active hubs in the marine technology industry.


We are a collection of engineers with many years of mechanical, electrical and software design experience in the marine industry.We all share a commitment to excellence and pride in our work that is reflected in the products that we design.


Some firms count their success in dollars, patents and published articles. At SAIS we are passionate about design. We strive to find practical, economical and durable solutions that meet the customer’s needs without superfluous features that make them expensive or hard to manufacture.


As a small firm, SAIS is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of many scientists, engineers and professionals in the marine industry. By keeping our size small and our overhead low, SAIS is able to offer a variety of specialized design services for custom items that are needed in small or limited quantities. There are many times when larger design firms cannot or will not tackle exactly these types of small projects that are so prevalent in this industry.


Taking a concept and making it into a useful piece of submersible equipment involves the input of many additional experts besides experienced engineers. These experts may include machinists, welders, metal coaters, glassmakers, corrosion engineers, metal casters, metal forgers, molder makers, molders and others. The core engineering team at SAIS has developed strong relationships with many leading experts in a wide variety of fields that are key to the successful manufacture of underwater products.


Oftentimes, the success of a product may depend as much on who manufactures the parts as who designed them. The SAIS design team has had the opportunity to work with many machine shops and parts manufacturers in San Diego and across the United States. We will be able to quickly determine the best strategy for you to get the best solution into your hands in a timely and cost effective manner.


Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to hearing from you.


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Ronan Gray,

President of SubAqua Imaging Systems INC



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Latest News:

New Lighting Product from SAIS

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+858 4140383 - San Diego, USA



SubAqua Imaging Systems is pleased to announce a new product. The SOLAS-4K is a rugged 4000 watt light fixture designed specifically for use in the offshore oil and gas industry. The 380,000 lumen output of the High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp is shaped into a wide beam by a custom designed reflector that will illuminate a large area with daylight quality light. The safety of divers, vehicles and equipment can be greatly enhanced by using one or more SOLAS-4K lights to flood light an underwater work site. The problem of backscatter - large bright spots that appear in images or obscure a divers view - is most often caused by having a light source too close to the camera or diver . This phenomenon can be virtually eliminated by positioning one or more SOLAS-4K lights high above the area of interest, providing space between the viewer and the light source without sacrificing light intensity. Please contact Ronan Gray at 858 414 0383 for more details.

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