Deep Ocean Applications

SAIS Network Video Recording (NVR) Systems



  • Complete Linux based Plug-and-Play Video Managment System (VMS).
  • Includes VMS licences for 8 cameras.
  • PoE source for up to 8 IP Cameras.
  • Live local viewing via HDMI and VGA output.
  • Recording to on-board RAID array.
  • Storyboard playback for fast access to specific footage and events.
  • Apply motion dection zones to cameras that will trigger alarms or other actions.
  • Fisheye dewarp and recording / playback for use with SAIS Fisheye camera.
  • Simple, intuitive GUI interface that can be operated with mouse only (no keyboard needed).
  • External network connection - The NVR can be setup & managed via a user interface from any network attached computer.
  • Live view, playback & setup from any Android or iOS device that is connected to the same network.
  • FREE Cloud service for live view, playback & setup for 4X pre-approved users via Android or iOS device off-site from anywhere with internet connection.
  • HDMI and VGA output can be used as input for non-IP mixers, recorders and live broadcast decks.
  • 1X SATA (external storage or data transfer).
  • 1X RS232 (control of external devices).
  • 2X USB (mouse, keyboard, external storge and data transfer).
  • 8X I/O digital lines (can be used for alarms and switching on / off extrnal devices and relays).
  • Rack-mountable (1U)

The system can be used for deployments of up to eight cameras. Designed specifically for the SAIS IP HD CAM and SAIS Limpet CAM 360 cameras, the system can also accept other ONVIF compliant cameras offered by SAIS and can be used to turn the SAIS LED Flood lights on and off via motion alarm or other user entered criteria. It can be mounted in existing rackmount closets or server racks already on site or, can be operated stand alone on a desktop.



For operations in wet-areas, outdoors and on-board vessels, where a rain and weather proof, versitile and rugged Video Managment System is needed, the SAIS Portable VMS is the solution.

This sytem can be used whereever a hand-portable, Plug-and-Play, quickly deployable VMS is needed. The basic Portable VMS includes:

  • Rugged Roto-molded water-tight case
  • Retractable Keyboard, mouse and LCD Monitor tray
  • NVR as noted above with capacity for up to 8X cameras

Additonal options for specific applications, include:

  • 24 VDC Inverter for use on vessels with no AC Electrical Supply
  • Inverter and Battery Supply for applications where no AC or DC Electical Supply is Available
  • Uniterrupted Power Supply UPS for data protection where AC service is patchy
  • Sun Hood for LCD screen use outdoors



Technical Drawing

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SAIS Bullet Camera Customers include:


New England Aquarium
The New England Aquarium installed a SAIS IP-HD CAM in their "Giant Ocean Tank" exhibit in 2009.

Endangered Abalone

Endangered White Abalone Restoration Project.
A customized version of the SAIS IP HD Camera is used extensively by citizen groups, NOAA and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for time-lapse studies of the behaviors and health of these endangered animals. The self-contained cameras are deployed in the wild for periods of 4 to 6 weeks at a time and operate autonomously. Looking closely at this video, you will see the day turn to night and back again over the course of a 48-day continuous deployment.
Survival Systems Training, The SAIS IP HD CAM is used in the Helicopter Water Egress Simulator.